The drummer of ‘Inowacja’ studied between 2010-2013 at the Academy of Music in Bydgoszcz, at the Faculty of Conducting, Jazz and Music Education. He completed an undergraduate degree with upper 2nd honours
His education began at the age of 12 under the supervision of his father, then three years later he learned at MA Andrew Walczak’s percussion classes at the Oskar Kolberg National Music School of the second degree in Szczecinek. During the school, Mikołaj was able to consult Peter Biskupski- an eminent jazz drummer and lecturer at the college. Mikołaj also was the winner of two prizes at the V Percussion Rally in Bydgoszcz – I place in the Fastest Drummer competion and also I place at the Drum Battle. He also works with the Szczecinek Society of Music, which consists of a Big Band and a Small Orchestra.

Mikołaj worked with a band called the Bydgoszcz Heldorado, winners of the Qatar festival of 2012 as well as with the Bydgoszcz Symphony Orchestra, Orchestra of St. Paul Radziński and the Foozie Quintet.
While touring with the “Jazz Academy of Bydgoszcz” among others, he has played with Krzysztof Herdzin, Maciej Sikala and Piotr Olszewski. For the last three years has benn working with the Toruń Symphonic Orchestra under the supervision of Krzesimir Dębski as part of a Ballad, Song and Film Festival.