Michael Radomski is a native Englishman and a professional musician – teacher, composer and sound engineer. He graduated at the ‘Cardinal Vaughan Memorial School’ in London (on the trombone and piano). After that school he taught himself how to play the guitar, bass, drums and how to sing. He can sing and play all of the above instruments at a professional level. Michael is also trained in recording and live sound engineering. His love for detail in reproduction has meant that he finds himself most comfortably in his career as a covers artist and imitator of original music with the aim of reproducing existing art to an even better level than the original.

Between the years of 2007 and 2012 he was working on a daily basis recording music, exercises and fairy tales in the English language for the school CLAN. He created the projects of ‘Teddy Eddie’ and ‘Talk It Over’, where he recorded songs in various styles- jazz, funk, pop, rock, electronics and he imitated more than 120 different voices by using a mixture of natural and digital modulation of his own voice. He imitated characters from fairy tales, animals, and people of all ages and sexes.

Michael was also the lead singer, composer, and sound engineer of the band ‘Zemsta’. A project of modern, English-sung rock-metal music. Please go to the webpage page www.reverbnation.com/zemsta

Michael was also a music teacher for three years, teaching how to play the guitar in a variety of styles. He also taught how to play the bass guitar and drums, and also integrated these skills with his recording abilities to create his own teaching program for his students.

Prior to founding ‘Inowacja’, Michael had been playing for many years in the band ‘Szafir’ (wedding band) www.zespol-szafir.com.pl.

In recent years, Michael has taken part in a TV program entitled ‘Rock Stars’ (second edition) and has made it to the final.  This has motivated him to create his own album of songs and a music video